Apps for Local Businesses and Community Residents

HomeTown Apps give Community Residents easy, fast access to local information and business services.

HomeTown App Screen Shots

The screen shots shown below will give you a real good idea of the power and potential of adding your business or service to a HomeTown Co-Op App.

Mason App Home Page

Mason town info tab

Town Service Page

Things To Do

Loyalty Programs

Coupons Tab

Local Co-Op Advertising

Business Information Tab

As you can see, being part of a local co-op marketing app is a great way to get your business information in the hands of townsfolk and visitors. There are even other special features of the App that is beneficial for both business and prospects I didn't show here for the sake of brevity...

Ready to get started? Go to the "Get Started" page to sign up and secure your place in your Hometown App!

Note: HomeTown Apps are not available in all towns and cities (at least yet, :-) ) Please contact me if you feel a HomeTown Co-Op App would be an awesome advertising vehicle for you and your town's business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR Coupon?

A QR coupon is closely related to a barcode and scanner. This technology utilizes your mobile device for its camera, which scans the code that our company give you. By scanning this code a given number of times, it will unlock certain coupons that you set.

What are the best uses for QR Coupons?

If your organization has special offers or coupons, such as restaurants or services like salons or skydiving, you should be taking advantage of QR Coupons.

These coupons can be fun and entertaining to the end user if implemented correctly.

You should post the QR code in different locations around your establishment, such as by the cashiers or on the door when entering.
QR coupons also help increase word of mouth advertisement of your firm by adding in a new and exciting way for consumers to connect to your business.

QR Coupons are the new stamp card.

Instead of getting a piece of paper with stamps each time they buy your service or product they can now just use their mobile device and your app.