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Bringing Businesses ... New Movers ... Residents ... and Visitors together using Mobile Apps and Co-Op Marketing.

Introducing A Cutting Edge Way To Reach New Movers... City Visitors... and Residents... 

A way to put your business -- literally within arms length almost 24/7...

Imagine rolling into a new town, whether you're just visiting while on vacation, or you've moved into town from far away. You don't knowHomeTown App New City anyone... You're wondering what the town is all about...  What's there to do... Who to contact for what...  and how to reach them... 

As you're looking around town, you notice in one of the businesses windows - a sign with a picture of a cell phone and a few QR codes printed on it.

Curious, you take a closer look and discover it talks about downloading a FREE mobile application containing a ton of local information. Sweet!

QR example

  So you scan a QR code and download it. Fast  &  Easy!

While your having a bite at one of the app's featured restaurants, you check out what other business services and deals are available just by "checking In" at participating businesses. How cool is that?

Mobile Users  That's exactly what a Local App from HomeTown Apps is        designed to do!

          Give New Folks In Town A Helping Hand  

  Plus, it's a great tool for encouraging repeat  business from     local  residents as well)

Your Hometown App gives people information they need to find the businesses and services desired. And, it also provides businesses a way to effectively connect and market to new people and travelers to town.

And, since the HomeTown App is based on co-op local advertising principles, each business in town listed in the App is not only helping themselves, but they are also helping other local business owners as well. A true win-win scenario!

Google recently reported that almost half of all website searches are done using a mobile device such as a Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, etc....

The market is currently 5+ Billion cell phone users…. and only 1.4 Billion Internet users, if you have a business…you need an App to effectively market to your customers whenever and where ever they are! 

Ask yourself this: How many people do you know that use a smartphone or mobile device? Chances are, you know a lot of people using them. 

And, as a business owner - is any of your marketing geared towards mobile? 

If not - Why not?

Here's an interesting quote from the folks at mobiThinking:

"Mobile subscriptions outnumber fixed lines 5:1 (more so in developing nations); Mobile broadband outnumbers fixed broadband 2:1. With stats like this, it is easy to see why the experts predict that mobile Web usage will overtake PC-based Web usage... IDC believes that mobile Web usage will not overtake PC Web usage in the US until 2015. Regardless of the timescale, this inevitability makes your mobile Web strategy more important than your PC Web strategy in the long term. [emphasis added]

The time to get your business started in mobile is now! 

HomeTown Apps is an extremely cost-effective way to get your business mobile.

And, you won't be alone. 

Many other of your local business owners will be there helping to make your HomeTown App a success for all!    

Click here to get started. 

See you on the inside!

Warm Regards,

Craig Hardman
HomeTown Apps

Fine Print:  HomeTown Apps are not available in all towns and cities (at least yet, :-) ) Please contact us if you feel a HomeTown Co-Op App would be an awesome advertising vehicle for you and your town's businesses.

HomeTown Apps is not connected or affiliated with any city, county, village, or township. We provide as much community information as we can but have no official connection to the community. If you have any current information that would help this application, please write to:

Mobile Marketing News

54% of consumers who subscribe to a daily deal program strongly agree (top-2 box score on a 10-point scale) that they will share a deal because it’s great, regardless of whether or not they are current customers of a business....


The data also shows that 2 in 3 have moved at least 30% of their budgets from traditional to digital, while just 4% have not changed their spending mix. These findings align closely with March 2012 results from a DataXu survey...

30 July

“Reaching users on mobile with an interface that is easy to use allows retailers to facilitate product research, mobile purchases and provide customers with coupons for in-store redemption,” said Kurt Hawks, general manager at Greystripe, San Francisco.

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Sixty-five percent of mobile users said they used their mobile device to find a business to make an in-store purchase (Source: Google, 2011)

Mobile is predicted to be bigger than internet in 5 years (Morgan Stanley, 2010)